Spotify Intros All-New Free Experience

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The update will be available on iOS and Android and will be rolling out globally in the coming weeks. In the past, Spotify didn't allow offline listening for free, meaning that users were somewhat tethered to wifi if they needed to conserve data. For those who depend on the free Spotify service, your mobile app just got a whole lot better - and bigger. Users will be able to play any song they want from any of those playlists and as many times as they want without having to shuffle. "This is something that has never been done before for free".

As for artists, there are more than 90 million people using the free version of Spotify. Spotify says 60 percent of its Premium users started with free accounts. "Engagement is the most important indicator of growth". What are your thoughts on Spotify's new mobile app?

"At Spotify, we believe in music for everyone - and today, we are one step closer to making that a reality", said Söderström.

Now that Spotify is officially a public company, it has to continually make more money year-over-year to appease shareholders.

Spotify allows users to create and customise their own playlists and browse content using parameters such genre, artist and album searches.

While it could hardly be called confusing, Spotify deemed it too cluttered and has done a little consolidating. After all, towards the bottom of the app, four buttons will be present.

The move is part of an effort to attract more paying subscribers.

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Heavy cosmetic changes are welcome improvements to how the music streaming app functions.

Going further with playlists, Spotify is also going to build recommendations based on existing user-made playlists, which it is calling "assisted playlisting". Hmm, wonder where that idea came from (*cough*Apple Music*cough*). He added that a "Select data saver" option can save up to 75% of mobile data.

A low-data mode is being added too, which will reduce the amount of mobile network data used by the app. This will not be limited to music streaming. It is an opt-in mode.

But that's not necessarily the case from this week, as Spotify makes a few changes.

Spotify is looking to capitalize on its success with the "freemium" approach, starting customers off with a no-cost product and then trying to get them to pay for add-ons.

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