Trump to be Nobel nominee for North Korea

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US Presient Donald Trump would win a Nobel Peace Prize if he solves a North Korean crisis, the Republican Senator Lindsey Graham said in an interview.

Who deserves credit for this momentous meeting and the push toward peace?

He also stressed that aggressive stance trump helped bring North Korea to the negotiating table.

A Getty Images photo showed people in Seoul, South Korea - described in the caption as activists who support Korean reunification - holding placards saying Trump would win the Nobel Peace Prize.

It should be noted that Barak Obama won the Nobel Prize in 2009 which was caused perplex. Even though we understand that the Nobel committee doesn't award its Peace Prize on the grounds of achievement, it's a novel idea worth sharing.

Hours before Kim and Moon's announcement on Friday, Daniel McCarthy, the editor at large of The American Conservative, wrote in an op-ed article in The Telegraph that Trump "will have defused the most unsafe crisis the world faces at present".

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South Carolina Sen. Lindsaey Graham admitted the turn of events with the Koreans would "not have happened without Trump".

A Russian senator has described calls to award Donald Trump the Nobel Peace Prize for his role in the Korean peace deal as an attempt by the U.S. to take credit for the resolution of a conflict that it had been stoking for decades.

Trump's aides, in the meantime, are optimistic and believe the president deserves the prize, according to Bloomberg.

Kim, Moon, and their spouses at a dinner to commemorate the talks.

Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee called the peace agreement historic and also wondered if Trump should get the Nobel Prize.

Trump has appeared to take credit for the groundbreaking talks, tweeting on Friday that the United States "should be very proud" and thanking Xi for his "great help" in paving the way. Earlier this year the president tweeted about having a "much bigger" nuclear button than North Korea. It wouldn't have happened without Trump.