China, Burkina Faso resume diplomatic ties

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Taiwan says the Republic of China, its official name, is a sovereign country with the right to develop relations with other countries.

Burkina Faso followed the example of the Dominican Republic, which was praised by Beijing for the move earlier this month.

"The evolution of the world and the defined socio-economic challenges of our region required us to reconsider our position", Burkina Faso's foreign affairs minister, Alpha Barry, told journalists. This is the second time Burkina Faso has cut ties with Taiwan: the last time it did so was in 1973, before resuming relations with Taipei in 1994.

The Chinese Civil Aviation Administration last month issued written warnings to 36 airlines ordering them to modify all references to Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan, to ensure they are listed as parts of China.

He will meet high-ranking Taiwanese officials and attend a dinner hosted by the island's Foreign Minister Joseph Wu. Taipei also said it would end its assistance to the West African nation, halt all bilateral cooperative projects, and close its embassy there.

Beijing, which claims the island as its own territory, has been steadily dialing up the pressure on President Tsai.

While Taiwan calls itself a sovereign country the island has never formally declared a split from the mainland
While Taiwan calls itself a sovereign country the island has never formally declared a split from the mainland

Whether it's dispatching fighter jets to circle Taiwan, luring away our diplomatic allies, forcing global corporations to change the name they use to refer to Taiwan, preventing Taiwan from participating in worldwide organizations including the World Health Organization, and even meddling in a private children's art activity in another country, China's suppression subjects Taiwan to blatant political interference.

Wu expressed regret at Burkina's decision and added that Taiwan can not compete with China's financial resources.

Taiwan's President Tsai Ing-wen, in televised remarks, criticized Beijing for trying to undermine the island's sovereignty, saying those efforts "exposed China's anxiety and lack of confidence".

Beijing has raised the pressure on Tsai, whose government refuses to acknowledge that Taiwan - whose democratic freedoms stand in stark contrast to Communist-ruled China - is part of a "one China".

The people of Taiwan should not be alarmed as the air force was well able to monitor the PLA aircraft as they approached and during their missions and could ensure Taiwan's security, the ministry added.

Burkina Faso was the fourth country to cut ties with Taipei since Tsai took office two years ago.

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