Congress celebrates jayanti of Sultans, ignores Veer Madakari: PM Modi

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"As the Congress agenda is only to oppose and criticise me, it does not allow even Parliament to function", Modi said at a Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) rally here ahead of the May 12 Karnataka Assembly elections. "These Congress politicians also do not fear from committing the sin of asking the army for proof of surgical strikes".

The Congress has realised its "vote bank politics is shaken" and, therefore, it has started a campaign for "misleading and spreading lies" among Dalits, and asked them to be aware, Modi said. Senior Congress leader Shashi Tharoor whose followership on Twitter is always on peak has advanced Rahul Gandhi to maintain his "unique communication" with the people and to ignore "trolls and troglodytes". They want to ensure power to all such villages in a time frame of just 1000 days. They pretend to fight as opponents in Karnataka, but, in Bengaluru, the JD (S) supported a Congress mayor, who is sitting in the office. "How much Congress politicians know about Basavanna is shown by the two words they repeat, "Nudidante Nade", he said.

"I urge people of Karnataka to remain vigilant and beware of the divisive politics of the Congress. Everyone knows what happened when a crow sat on his vehicle", Prime Minister Modi said. "If there is female foeticide and a skewed sex ratio in parts of the country, it is because of Congress policies, and we have tried to address this".

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Prime Minister Modi added that he has initiated a full-fledged battle against corruption and black money and will not tolerate any corrupt practices. "This is a prime minister who has distorted history, especially with regard to the allegations he leveled against the Congress of having sidelined Field Marshal KM Cariappa and General Thimayya", he said.

At his next rally in Raichur, the prime minister claimed Congress protects corrupt people, makes several false promises, and has divided Karnataka. The PM who is on a whirlwind tour of Karnataka took at a dig at the Congress while calling it a dealwala and not a dilwala party.

Addressing a rally in Hubli, the prime minister called out the UPA government on the slow pace of development and said, "In 2011 under Sonia Gandhi's UPA only 59 villages were connected through the optical fibre".