Dramatic footage shows police breaking into hotel room of Las Vegas shooter

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Las Vegas police released body camera footage on Wednesday showing officers entering Stephen Paddock's 32nd-floor hotel suite on October 1, 2017, about an hour after he opened fire on thousands of concertgoers, leaving 58 people dead and hundreds wounded.

It shows officers entering Paddock's room at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino at the south end of the Las Vegas Strip.

58 people died and hundreds more were injured when Stephen Paddock opened fire on a country musical festival from his hotel room, before killing himself moments before police raided the room.

"Did he have any scoped weapons over there?" an officer asked. As they move forward, they're heard identifying a camera, spotting a rifle, and saying they're going to check under the bed.

"For that, we apologise", the elected head of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department said.

Police refused to say whether the officer would be disciplined for violating department policy.

In a press conference earlier this week, Clark County Sheriff Joseph Lombardo said that police would be releasing video and audio footage from the shooting on a rolling basis for the next several months. He said he expected to release new materials weekly.

Footage made public Wednesday from two officers' body-worn cameras shows Stephen Paddock's body on his back, clad in dark trousers and a long-sleeve shirt with a glove on his left hand.

The videos were released after news organizations sued the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department over its refusal to release the body cam footage.

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At another point, they note the system that Paddock used to see when police were approaching his hotel room. The sheriff's department did not want to release the video, saying the footage could cause further trauma to the survivors and family members.

The officers race to several floors, issuing warnings to people in the lobby to take cover or run, with one shouting, "Lock the door, your door was open, there's someone shooting inside the casino".

Lombardo denied that his agency delayed the release of records.

LVMPD released 3 hours of video on Wednesday afternoon. "And for that, we apologize".

"The reality is that the group nonetheless has many unanswered questions concerning the police response to 1 October, and it has a proper to evaluate what occurred for itself", mentioned legal professional Maggie McLetchie.

Police were criticized about their response when a timeline suggested there had been a six-minute delay between Paddock shooting a security guard and the gunman opening fire on the crowds below his hotel suite.

"In the public space, the word "incompetence" has been brought forward".

Twenty-three guns and thousands of rounds of ammunition were ultimately found in Paddock's hotel suite.

"The dynamics and the size of this investigation requires us to go through voluminous amounts of information in order to draw an accurate picture".