EA Officially Confirms Battlefield V

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On the official site of Battlefield, DICE mentions that in this transmission they will give an idea of what your "epic journey" with Battlefield V will be like.

Ever since fans finally opened up the "zombie door" in Battlefield 1 and solved the puzzles waiting within, they've been looking to EA for more information on what's coming around the corner.

The game will be revealed by Trevor Noah as he announced on Twitter.

The Battlefield blog post states that the head of DICE Stockholm, senior producer, creative director, and design director of the game will come in and fill viewers in on their vision.

A first look at the game begins on May 23 at 1PM PT/4PM ET. The marketing's heavy push towards "V" implies a Vietnam setting but rumors have been swirling about it taking place during World War II.

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Noah doesn't actually say that it's Battlefield 5, referring to the event only as a "Battlefield live reveal".

You can see the logo is similar to the one in my original report.

The Battlefield V live reveal will also feature multiplayer with a focus on "multiple maps and modes". Funny, smart, and loves video games? "We're always thinking about our players". Each played a key role in the story and while the experience was short, it was still a nice change of pace from the traditional single player campaign.

The recent Battlefield Easter Egg chase has turned much of the community into sleepless sleuths. Is your search history full of white horses?