Google, Facebook Face Complaints Over New EU Law

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Popular read-it-later service Instapaper says on its website that it's "temporarily unavailable for residents in Europe as we continue to make changes in light of the General Data Protection Regulation". For example, the GDPR includes a right to information, giving individuals the right to request how their personal data is being shared and processed. As per the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the companies will have to justify transparently for processing the personal data from this Friday.

Even though the GDPR rules were officially adopted two years ago, with a grace period until now to adapt to them, companies all over the world, including in Thailand, have been slow to act, resulting in a last-minute scramble this week. "With the new rules in place, European Union data protection authorities will watch over their correct application across the European Union and ensure full compliance".

GDPR was ratified in 2016. Companies could also face suspension from being able to process customer data.

What does the GDPR mandate? If you want to opt out of sharing your data with advertisers, you can.

Facebook knows way too much about all of us, but it's not the only company hoarding everyone's private data.

In order to collect the data of those under the age of 16, companies are required to obtain parental consent. He also said it is likely that the full impact of the legislation won't be realised until the European Union makes a test case, which could come against a major player in technology as a means of making an example of a company breaking the law. Explaining this rule with an analogy, a director for the Electronic Frontier Foundation Danny O'Brien said, "A birthday cake company needs your name to put on the birthday cake".

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In breaking news, Tronc, the owner of major news outlets including the Los Angeles Times and New York Daily News has closed its entire portfolio of websites in European countries, and complaints have already been filed against Facebook, Google, Instagram, and WhatsApp.

Meanwhile campaigner Max Schrems said he had launched four official complaints with national regulatory authorities on Friday under the new law.

ET took a look at few websites that have updated their policy and the template of the policy disclosures are similar: What kind of information is collected, explicit mention of what the data is used for, who they share it with, and an email ID to which users can write to delete their data.

What is the EU's new privacy law? However, it is not clear, his complaint argues, what they are collecting, why and whether it is strictly necessary to provide the service. Some ads they encounter would no longer be personalized to their interests, and if clicked on less, could cut industry spending.

How are smaller firms affected? But opponents say the new rules are overly burdensome and have warned of costly business disruption.

This level of enforcement is not the only risk to companies which fail to comply with GDPR however. "This will be a fluid environment; any successful case against a well-known giant will change the risk/cost balance", the report added.