Hawaii: Kilauea volcano erupts again, spews ash up to 12,000 feet

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The well was successfully plugged in anticipation of the lava flow, and a second well 100 feet away has also been secured, according to the report. He said there was no indication of the release of the poisonous gas hydrogen sulfide, the greatest fear should lava hit the wells.

It gave no details as to how deep into the Puna Geothermal Venture lava has intruded.

Lava advancing west from fissure 7 on Leilani Avenue on May 27.

Some 2,200 acres (890 hectares) of land have been torched by lava since May 3, in what is likely to be the most destructive eruption of Kilauea in more than a century, according to the County of Hawaii.

The U.S. Geological Survey said sulfur dioxide emissions from the volcano have more than doubled since the current eruption began.

The police may have to resort to air evacuations in case the lava traps more residential area.

And on Sunday night, after authorities went door-to-door to urge remaining residents in a portion of Leilani Estates to get out, firefighters scrambled to rescue a man whose driveway was covered by fast-moving lava.

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Fountains of lava continue to erupt from the Kilauea Volcano in Hawaii.

"For me, it's just visual, " he said.

Retired photojournalist Chris Stewart says there's one good thing about vog: It intensifies the colors of a sunset.

"Additional ground cracking and outbreaks of lava in the area of the active fissures are possible".

Further, the molten lava and heat could rupture the wells at the plant.

An incredible timelapse video has emerged showing lava from Hawaii's Kilauea volcano invading a backyard as it now enters its fourth week of destructive eruptions.

Scientists believe the volcanic activity may be a precursor to a major eruption similar to the one that shook the island in the mid-1920s. At this time there is no hydrogen sulfide detected.