Hawaii's Kilauea volcano lava reaches sea, injures man on third-floor balcony

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But officials went house-to-house in the area to urge more residents to flee, Snyder said, though no head count of the new evacuation was available early Sunday.

"Summit magma has arrived", US Geological Survey scientist Wendy Stovall told reporters.

"These are quite a big hazard in vegetative areas and the explosions can occur well away from the lava flow itself", USGS geologist Janet Babb said on the call.

Scientists said the steam clouds at the spots where lava entered the ocean were laced with hydrochloric acid and fine glass particles that can irritate the skin and eyes and cause breathing problems. When mixed with cool sea water, the lava produces an acid steam called "laze" into the air.

The U.S. Coast Guard is warning boat operators to stay away from the ocean entry point for lava flows from Kilauea, the volcano on Hawaii's Big Island that is now in a high-activity phase.

This weekend, Mount Kilauea erupted, again, spewing lava onto Hawaii's Big Island. Acid rain resulting from the plume can also be risky due to its high acidity, which can be as corrosive as dilute battery acid, according to the United States Geological Survey. Levels of sulfur dioxide have tripled in emissions.

Williams-Downing said that the explosions and sounds similar to that of "jet engines" are normal now that numerous fissures have been cracking open and spewing lava for almost two weeks.

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On Friday, lava engulfed four more homes and a flow from fissure 20 crossed a part of Pohoiki Road, near Malama Ki Place, cutting access to a remote neighborhood with 40 homes. Flowing lava from the Kilauea volcano has now reached the Pacific Ocean, creating a toxic stew.

The plant has been closed since shortly after lava began erupting on May 3 through newly opened fissures in the ground running through neighbourhoods and roads on the far eastern flank of Kilauea.

Plumes of steam rise as lava enters the ocean near Pahoa, Hawaii, from the Kilauea volcano. But a shift in wind direction could bring the laze toward population centers. "Lava is pouring out like a fountain. feeding a fast-moving lava stream that's now reached the ocean".

Media noted that this is the first victim as a result of the eruption of a volcano in Hawaii.

"Right here at this (Volcano Golf) Club house, we are resting on more than a foot of volcanic ash that was deposited between 2,200 years ago and a thousand years ago", Swanson said.

Even on the Big Island, most tourist activities are available and businesses are open.

"We now know that that is not the case and that we're unfortunately living through a proof of that statement", Swanson said.