Nicki Minaj is claiming she’s engaged to Eminem

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Nicki Minaj took to Instagram on Thursday to announce her forthcoming album Queen will be available August 10, using a 1995 clip of Princess Diana to showcase the tone of the upcoming release.

Everyone has now picked apart her lyrics to find references to Eminem in them.

Nicki Minaj has ignited dating rumours after appearing to "confirm" her relationship with Eminem.

It's possible Minaj could be trolling her fans in an effort to spark a conversation around her new music. In a guest verse, Minaj raps: "Told em' I met Slim Shady, bagged an Em".

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When one of her Instagram followers bluntly asked, "You dating Eminem???" the rapper hit back with a swift, "Yes".

Adding to the evidence is Eminem himself, who on Friday responded to Acie Taylor as well on Instagram with a quick, "girl you know it's true". "Yikes, I'll talk to you when I get home". So far, neither Nicki or Eminem have said anything else.

Last May, Minaj told Ellen DeGeneres that she was done with dating men for awhile. I can't give y'all half-a** s***, I just refuse to'. "I also used to go to strip clubs". "What can I say?"

Nicki's most recent TV appearance came on "Saturday Night Live", where she performed her new single "Chun-Li" for the first time but faced backlash from viewers after being accused of cultural appropriation.