No guns allowed at NRA convention when president, VP speak

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"AP has deleted a tweet that incorrectly said the NRA had banned guns during Trump and Pence speeches at its annual meeting", the newswire said. Last year, he became the first sitting president to address the group.

Matt Deitsch, a survivor of the Parkland killings, asked on Twitter why "to make the VP safe there aren't any weapons around but when it come to children they want guns everywhere?..."

The rules are not those of the NRA, of course, leaders of which have long maintained that, as NRA CEO Wayne LaPierre has put it, "The only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is with a good guy with a gun". Can someone explain this to me?

President Donald Trump will also attend the event, but the date and time has not yet been confirmed.

Cameron Kasky, also a survivor of the shooting, called the NRA "a hilarious parody of itself".

The weapons ban was mocked on Twitter, including by Fred Guttenberg, father of Jaime Guttenberg, who was killed in the Parkland shooting.

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"It's ironic that they feel they need to ban guns to protect themselves especially after their main philosophy has been more guns equals more protection yet they don't think they need to protect our kids in the same way", said David Hogg, a student at Marjory Stoneman Douglas who has pushed for stricter gun control since the shooting. Am I missing something? County Judge Clay Jenkins is hosting a forum Thursday for local students to "voice their concerns" about the convention. They are very aware that it is the Secret Service that has exercised their authority to ban weapons, backpacks, drones, aerosols, signs, selfie sticks, etc.

The NRA banned guns at their convention because Mike Pence is speaking but if the only solution to gun violence is more guns then why don't they just give everyone a gun at the door instead?

Even gun enthusiasts and apparent NRA members are displeased at the prohibition. "Don't complain about your eroding credibility and people calling you "fake news" when you publish things like this", she wrote.

"We're expecting in the thousands and we're expecting our numbers to go up with him coming to town", Alexander said of Trump.

With Republicans facing potentially dire setbacks in the November elections, and the prospect of losing the House and possibly the Senate, Trump's efforts to keep NRA members energized could be critical.

Trump has ordered the Justice Department to ban bump stocks, the accessory used in the Las Vegas massacre previous year that allows near-automatic rates of fire.