Nuggets hoping for a lot of luck at National Basketball Association draft lottery

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The Phoenix Suns will have the best odds at landing the top pick after going 21-61 this season for the worst record in the National Basketball Association. If the Suns, who have a 25 percent chance of getting the top spot and a 64.2 percent chance of being in the top three, end up with the second overall pick, this would feel a lot like when the Los Angeles Lakers got the No. 2 pick and set themselves up to take Lonzo Ball this time past year.

Here's how to watch this season's draft lottery online.

They Celtics have successfully built teams in every way possible, but every single top core has always involved at least one top player being draft, and leading the team in a special way.

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Sacramento and Phoenix were among eight teams which blatantly positioned themselves to get a high pick in this year's lottery. Luckily, the chances of this happening to the Sixers are slim at the moment, but as previous drafts have proven, anything is possible when it comes to the lottery. Therefore, if we don't hear the 76ers' name called at No. 10, then it makes the top-three revealing very interesting (see below in the final category). The Nets pick will go to the Cavaliers and the Pistons pick will go to the Clippers. One was originally their own (the 13th overall), but the other (the 12th) was initially owned by the Detroit Pistons, who gave the Clips the selection in the Blake Griffin deal. The team with the worst record have the best odds and the team with the best record among those that missed the postseason have the worst odds. The closest they have come since was landing the No. 4 overall pick in 2015 when they selected Porzingis.

Porzingis is the team's best building block right now. 2 or 3, it will go to the Boston Celtics. Los Angeles acquired Detroit's pick in the Blake Griffin trade, with that pick being top-three protected.