Ramadan 2018: How long does Ramadan last? How many hours is Ramadan?

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If the moon is not sighted on Tuesday night, Ramadan will automatically begin on Thursday.

In Nigeria for instance, the leader of the Muslims the Sultan of Sokoto Sheikh Sa'ad Abubakar has tasked the faithful to look out for the new moon.

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This year, Ramadan begins on either the eve of May 15 or 16, depending on the visibility of the new crescent moon from one's locale. This means that the Holy month is to start off from May 17 in many Muslim countries of the world.

Though in some countries a lack of moon-sighting has bumped the start of Ramadan to Thursday, the USA and Europe begin observing the month at sundown tonight. Ramadan is a Month where Muslims practice increased Self-discipline whiles they fast and.

According to him, Ramadan is a period when Muslims come together to give charitably to the less fortunate.

Ramazan 2018: Holy month of fasting starts in Gulf and far East countries from May 17
Ramadan 2018: How long does Ramadan last? How many hours is Ramadan?

Femi Odusanya, spokesperson of Mile 12 Market Perishable Food Traders Association, said it was imperative to train farmers to adopt modern technology in crop production, and empower them with funds.

In the program, Eissa repeatedly questioned the necessity of fasting in Ramadan, saying that "Fasting is considered a sovereign decision, Allah (God) commanded us, yet we are not informed on the wisdom behind fasting".

Muslims who fast during Ramadan abstain from eating, drinking and sex from dawn to dusk for the entire month. Previous year more accidents happened in the late morning rush hour between 10am and 11am than any other time.

Meanwhile, special preparations are also on in the Muslim world for Salate Taraveeh - the special night prayers offered in the month of Ramadan besides daily prayers five times in a day. Children, the elderly, those who are sick, women who are menstruating, pregnant or nursing, and travelers are excluded from fasting.

Charity, also known as Zakat, is one of the pillars of Islam that promotes the sharing of wealth with the poor. While on weekdays Suhoor is usually taken at home with family, weekends see city dwellers head to specially set up tents or restaurants to fuel up before the first light of the day, and the Fajr prayer.

Eid al-Fitr celebrations traditionally begin with morning prayers followed by a short sermon.

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