Waffle House Goes Viral Again And Activists Have Had Enough

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Waffle House said that it was planning to contact Bernice King, the youngest daughter the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., who had called for a boycott of the restaurant until it implemented certain changes.

Anthony Wall, 21, had just taken his 16-year-old sister to prom and went to the restaurant to eat when he told WTVD that he got into an argument with several wait staff members.

Wall said that he takes full responsibility for his interaction with Waffle House employees, but he told ABC11 the cop's actions were not justified. The employee then called the Warsaw, N.C., police officer, who initiated the physical encounter. "Your hands should have never been around my neck like that if my hands were in the air". The incident comes just weeks after another controversial police use of force at one of the 24-hour restaurants.

Waffle House waffles aren't good enough for black folks to have to deal with these issues.

Gerald Griggs, a civil-rights activist in Atlanta, where Waffle House is based, says that all of these recurring incidents are "an epidemic of the culture around Waffle House".

The Warsaw Police Department and Onslow County District Attorney Ernie Lee are investigating the incident, according to the News & Observer.

On April 22, a black woman named Chikesia Clemons was wrestled to the ground by three white police officers in a disturbing encounter that was also caught on video.

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Another video, apparently from a few minutes later, showed the same officer - this time accompanied by a second officer - pulling a handcuffed Wall to a police vehicle.

At some point, Wall and his younger sister got into a shouting match with people at the restaurant.

Wall was arrested after the struggle and charged with disorderly conduct and resisting arrest. Since the incident went viral, the police department has also removed its Facebook page.

"He could have de-escalated the situation and moved on", Moore said of the officer.

Waffle House, which has more than 2,100 locations in 25 states, said in a statement that it was looking into last week's arrest to "gather all the facts" and that it continued to cooperate with police. Connors said he has asked residents and others not to call the police department to tie up lines if they're trying to complain about the video. When police arrived, witnesses reportedly told them that Clemons indicated she might have a gun and might shoot people.

We must warn you, this footage is very hard to watch.