"Yanny" or "Laurel", this audio clip is tearing the internet apart

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The latest thing that's tearing the Internet apart is not a dress or a pair of slippers, it's an audio clip that different people hear differently.

YouTube channel Nerd It Up dissected the recording as well, concluding that which word you hear depends on the pitch of the recording.

Some people say they hear "Yanny" while others hear "Laurel".

". One of my friends sent it to me and the first time I heard it, it said "Laurel, '" the Redditor explained".

Maybe the great "Yanny or Laurel" debate of 2018 will see both of these names feature more prominently in next year's rankings. Are you exhausted of reading the words "Yanny" and "Laurel" yet?!?

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The two words mesh well enough to be combined into one recording. A lot of shit was chat about whether a dress was blue or black or white and old. Soon everyone from regular Joes to celebs like Ellen DeGeneres and JJ Watt were talking about it (Ellen thought it was Laurel, but Watt was Team Yanny).

The "audio illusion" is leaving the Internet confused, no matter which side.

Here's another example of a visual cue affecting the way a word is heard. If you turn the volume up and increase the bass, you'll probably hear "Laurel".

He added that the device used to listen to the clip can also affect what you hear, due to the different frequency profiles of speakers or headphones.