Deadbeat son called cops on dad before finally moving out

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Michael Rotondo, the 30-year-old man who defied his parents' various eviction notices, is finally moving out of the NY home.

The jobless 30-year-old who was sued by his parents for still living at home has finally flown the coop, but not before delivering one last parting shot - by calling the cops on his dad.

"This isn't a game show", Rotondo told the Post-Standard of Syracuse regarding the Legos.

Rotondo had avoided TV crews staked out on the upstate NY road earlier Friday morning by leaving from the back, but returned around 9:30 the passenger seat of a pickup truck. Instead of letting him in, his father offered to look for specific items and bring them out if he found them. The Legos were found after police arrived. Rotondo refused the judge's request to work things out directly with his parents, who sat quietly nearby.

During the court case, Mr Rotondo, who represented himself, argued he should be allowed to live with his parents for another six months.

Rotondo complied with the court order and moved out of the home Friday morning.

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Rotondo remains steadfast in blaming his parents for the family rupture and their refusal to back him in his child custody battle.

"I think it's really unfair that I'm not going to get enough time to really prepare a good move", he said.

"There are jobs available even for those with a poor work history like you", they added in a note sent on 18 February.

Rotondo will reportedly be staying in an Airbnb while he figured out a long-term plan. And sadly, other Michael Rotondos got caught in the crossfire - including one who also happens to hail from central NY, in Albany. Later, he plans on moving in with a distant cousin, the newspaper reported.

Rotondo has said the eviction fight is connected with his efforts to get back visitation time with his 8-year-old son. "I can't have my phone getting jammed up with nonsense like that", Rotondo said as police responded to his complaint.