E3 2018: Fallout 76 Beta Announced, No Confirmed Release Date

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At the conference, Todd Howard called Elder Scrolls VI, the next, next game it was working on, so we'll forgive them for that.

The Elder Scrolls is coming to Nintendo Switch. sort of. Plan is to show more at QuakeCon in August. It has three new modes right now, including New Game Plus. Bethesda wanted players to create their own story in the game, and so the Fallout 76 open world comes with very few rules. As we learned on Sunday at E3, it's a huge, sprawling prequel to all four main Fallout games.

You'll be playing as a denizen of Vault 76, who leaves the vault on reclamation day - 25 years after the bombs fell.

But Fallout 76 is much, much more than that. There are tons of new creatures in the game, including a gross mutant toad, awful bug creatures, and creepy people who undoubtedly got a bit too much exposure to nuclear fallout.

With friends, you can build up awesome bases and fight against huge mutant beasts together. We finally got a release date; Fallout 76 will be available on November 14th.

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The news of a possible Fallout Shelter port leaked earlier this week along with a trophy list for PlayStation 4.

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Watch a teaser trailer below.

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