Entire Hawaii neighborhood vanishes as lava smothers hundreds of homes

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An ever-creeping wall of lava from Kilauea Volcano has engulfed two entire seaside neighbourhoods at the eastern tip of Hawaii's Big Island.

"He was very depressed", Okabe said of how Kim felt about losing his vacation home. County Managing Director Wil Okabe says his vacation home in Kapoho Beach Lots is also threatened.

Thousands of residents have been evacuated from the area and lava spewing from the volcano's fissures have destroyed more than 100 structures since the first eruption a month ago.

HONOLULU-Lava from the Kilauea volcano destroyed hundreds of homes in a mostly rural area on the Big Island of Hawaii overnight, a county spokesperson said Tuesday.

The river of lava is emanating from a gushing fissure miles away, on the flanks of the Kilauea volcano in the Leilani Estates neighborhood.

Plumes of white steam and hydrochloric acid fumes, a vaporous, corrosive mix formed from lava reacting with seawater as it enters the ocean, could be seen rising from a distance.

"God only knows what it's going to do next", Johnson said.

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June 5, 2018 Lava Torches Hundreds of Homes from Mick Kalber on Vimeo.

Carolyn Boudreault, a Kapoho resident who is now staying in Boston with her family, told the Honolulu Star-Advertiser that the bay was a treasured place.

"Big Island residents are in shock today, mourning the loss of not one, but two spectacular beach communities to the ongoing lava flow which began in early May", wrote Mick Kalber, who was over the lava flow in a helicopter this morning, documenting the new landscape below.

So far, it was unclear how many homes have been affected, but Hawaii Civil Defense Administrator Talmadge Magno said it was fair to say it was hundreds.

Some chose to stay in the area, which now has no power, cell reception, landlines or county water, officials said.

Kirk Rahmer became one of dozens of people who lost their homes over the weekend, when he saw that his home of 18 years had been claimed by lava.

"It's a lovely blue day, but it really seems eerie up there, lots and lots of ash covering areas near Jagger Museum and the earthquakes really make things seem very unsettled", she said.