IHOP changes name to IHOb, 'b' stands for burgers

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The company explains, "Our new burgers are so good, we changed our name". Although many guessed it stood for a breakfast food like biscuits, bacon, butter, or even more plausibly, breakfast, IHOP has revealed that the "b" in IHOb stands for "burgers", and that the change is only temporary.

International House of Pancakes will continue serving flapjacks, but is emphasizing the beef after announcing Monday morning it has changed its name to the International House of Burgers.

America loves burgers, and IHOP wants to be a bigger player at lunch and dinner.

As far as training the staff, he said the release of the new burgers was much the same as any other new menu item, and praised his staff for taking it in stride. In the days since the June 5 announcement, speculation has spread across social media and news outlets as to what that "b" could stand for. Speaking with CNN, President of IHOP Darren Rebelez stated, "We are definitely going to be IHOP". That's why the Taste of Home Test Kitchen let out a collective gasp when beloved pancake purveyor IHOP announced that it was changing its name. Revamping its burger selection could convince customers to visit later in the day and for more than just hash browns and eggs.

The restaurant chain finally revealed the mystery. Still, the whole ordeal has gotten people fuming in all sorts of comical fashions.

Getty Images | Andrew Burton
Getty Images | Andrew Burton

Steak-umm, a maker of frozen sandwich meat, chose to give the whole name change thing a go by renaming itself Cake-umm and altering its Twitter header image to match.

Burger joints, meanwhile, fired off blistering tweets about IHOP's change.

IHOP's website now features the IHOb logo - but the site's URL remains the same, and its business descriptions and statements continue to list breakfast as a main priority.

And Red Robin, which doesn't have a breakfast menu, teased: "We're as serious about pancakes as IHOb is about burgers".

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