Israel says Gaza baby's family paid to blame army for…

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Mr. Kushner appealed directly to the Palestinian people and portrayed Mr. Abbas, 82, as a leader entrenched in the past.

Kushner said in the interview that the Arab leaders he spoke with stressed the need for a Palestinian state with a capital of East Jerusalem and for the Al Aqsa Mosque - a holy site in Islam that rests on the Temple Mount, a holy site in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam - to remain open to Muslims who want to worship there.

Nabil Sha'ath, a former PA foreign minister who now serves as an "international affairs adviser" to Abbas, accused Kushner and Greenblatt of "working on behalf of Israel in the White House".

Daniel Shapiro, who served as US ambassador to Israel under President Barack Obama, echoed the dim outlook and noted another problem - the deep-seated mistrust between Netanyahu and Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas.

US President Donald Trump's special envoy Jason Greenblatt and Israeli Prime Minister Banjamin Netanyahu.

Israeli forces launched air strikes on Palestinian militant positions in the Gaza Strip on Wednesday after rockets and mortars were fired into Israel.

Abbas has refused to see Trump's team since the embassy decision, accusing Washington of pro-Israel bias.

The Palestinian Authority said Saturday that U.S. plans to resolve the Palestinian-Israeli conflict are "doomed to fail".

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Saudi Arabia is said to have offered Abbas the money needed for the PA to improve the humanitarian situation in the Gaza Strip in return for him accepting Trump's deal.

Al Jazeera's Harry Fawcett, reporting from West Jerusalem, said that the Palestinian leadership's reaction made it clear that there was "no prospect at this stage" that they want "anything to do with the United States administration or its plan, even ahead of its publication".

The US duo have not met with Palestinian officials, who froze all contact with US officials following the Trump administration's December recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital.

Kushner added that the Middle East peace plan is nearly completed, but did not elaborate on its details, the AP reported. The Palestinians claim east Jerusalem as a future capital.

Kushner said he is "ready to work with [Palestinian Authority] President Abbas, if he wishes".

The U.S. plan is expected to propose solutions to core issues in dispute between the Israelis and Palestinians, such as borders, the future of Israeli settlements, the fate of Palestinian refugees and security. Israeli-Palestinian negotiations stalled in 2014.

Sunday's death brings to 132 the number of Palestinians martyred - along with thousands more injured - by Israeli gunfire since the protests began on March 30, according to the Palestinian Health Ministry.

It also said the army ordered 21 Palestinian families to leave their homes in the Jordan Valley so that soldiers can play their war games in the vicinity of their homes, as well as settlers torching West Bank fields near Nablus in the north destroying hundreds of olive trees and large area of farm land.