LeBron James’ expression is now an epic meme to describe frustrating situations

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First quarter, 8:14, 15-6 Warriors: The Warriors are on fire, connecting on their first seven shot attempts of the game.

J.R. Smith kinda, sorta cleared up the issue of what he was or was not thinking at the end of regulation in Game 1 of the NBA Finals. And in the immediate aftermath, it appeared Smith said to James on the court that he thought the Cavs were leading - something he denied afterward. Smith may not have realized the game was still tied, and now says that he's not even quite sure anymore what transpired in those few, dramatic moments.

The Warriors survived in overtime in Game 1 on Thursday night in what LeBron James called the toughest loss of his 15-year National Basketball Association career. "I'm not going to meet you at the bus".

"I know it's not the exact same team, but we had them down 3-1 a couple years ago".

After an overtime opener loss James called one of the worst defeats of his career, the Cavaliers couldn't play Golden State as close, with Curry and his teammates thwarting every threat. I would never give up on J.R. "I might have said that", Smith said Saturday. "I think that is a stat you can't control, and I couldn't control what happened". "I don't really dwell on things too much". To be in that situation is tough and it's not a situation that everybody can handle.

It was clear, though, that Smith had no idea what the plan was.

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"JR can shake off anything, and when everybody tends to count JR out, that's when he comes through", Lue said. So he's definitely going to start again. If they are to avoid the dreaded 4-0 sweep, they will need to make some serious adjustments when they head back to Cleveland for the next two games. Smith was third on the team with 10 points to go with six boards.

Because the Cavs ended up not scoring on the possession, the pass went mostly unnoticed, with announcer Jeff Van Gundy mentioning it briefly long after the play had ended.

Just over 24 hours before tipoff of Game 2 of the NBA Finals, Green issued a threat to Tristan Thompson to let him know that while the physicality on the court may not continue, they could always work out their differences off of it. Specifically, Durant said that having Iguodala, Curry, Green, and Thompson in the Hamptons validated him and perhaps pushed away some negative thoughts he had about his impact in the National Basketball Association.

Having other top players come to your doorstep and tell you that they want you on their team and not just as an offensive weapon was obviously a factor for Durant.

Here is the replay where you can see just how flawless the pass was.