Mike Pompeo Says He Won't Put a Timeline on North Korea Denuclearization

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North and South Korea agreed last week to allow 100 separated family members from each side of the border to meet at the North's Mount Kumgang resort from August 20 to 26.

North Korean officials did not have any on-the-record comments on the move, but AP staff said they confirmed on Monday the event had been called off. But nearly all are over 70 years old and each year there are fewer survivors.

"Every year on this day, our army and people row the boat of memories, full of creed and determination to defend the nation", read a report in the North's state-run Rodong Sinmun. At that time there were over 80,000 registered family members still alive in the South. He also reaffirmed his pledge to give up nuclear arms, and the United States on Friday said it would halt some joint military drills on the peninsula over the next three months in support of diplomacy.

North Korea's change in tone and messaging remains nuanced though.

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un and his wife Ri Sol-ju disembark from an airplane at Beijing International Airport in this video grab from [North] Korean Central TV last week.

North Korea has also tried to withhold its participation in family reunions until certain political conditions are met, such as halting activists in the South from sending outside information into the North.

The Kim government has in the past looked with suspicion on families in the North with relatives living in the South.

The South Korean prime minister said moving the artillery is under discussion amid thawing bilateral tensions.

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This weekend the Pentagon announced the formal suspension of major joint military exercises with South Korea, but said in a statement that "additional decisions will depend upon the DPRK continuing to have productive negotiations in good faith" with Pompeo.

Those selected to participate are usually screened and instructed to ensure they praise the leader and describe their lives in the North in a positive light.

Reuters implies the promise of "specific asks" was, to some degree, a response to criticisms that President Donald Trump has not made enough specific demands of North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un yet, and most of the concessions offered by Kim to date have been symbolic gestures of little real cost to the North Korean regime.

But the leadership in Pyongyang does not seem ready to ease any restrictions that it may perceive as threatening the Kim family's hold on power.

He said that framework couldn't be filled out without, Kim "making clear his intent to denuclearize", Pompeo said.

Shortly after the June 12 summit in Singapore, a senior defense official told reporters that the USA would present a timeline to North Korea with specific "asks". However, no specific measures were mentioned.

But while both work to achieve the vague language of Kim's promise to "completely denuclearise the Korean peninsula", America's top USA diplomat refused to put a timeline on negotiations with North Korea contradicting a senior defence official who said Washington would soon present a timeline to North Korea with "specific asks".

Previous year one official said all members of the ruling Workers' party and residents of Pyongyang were "aflame with the will to completely remove the United States imperialists, the sworn enemy, from the globe".