Roseanne Barr 'begged' ABC not to cancel her show

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On Thursday, he doubled down on his request for an apology. On her end, Roseanne has opted to blame Ambien for her behavior, but otherwise expressing regret over her actions.

Jarrett said Iger called her on Tuesday before announcing that ABC, which is owned by Disney, was pulling the plug on the show. You and ABC have offended millions of people, and they demand a response.

Trump specifically complained about an erroneous report past year by an ABC investigative reporter Brian Ross, saying: "He tanked the market with an ABC lie, yet no apology". Any criticism from ABC is the definition of freedom of speech - whether it's Jimmy Kimmel railing on the president or ABC News calling out a lie - those people are protected.

Ross corrected the report afterward, saying that Trump made the request when he was president-elect, not a candidate.

Iger and Trump has previously been at odds.

Approached on the street in New Orleans, the 65-year-old star refused to answer questions about the show's recent cancellation or comment on Roseanne Barr's tweet comparing former Obama adviser Valerie Jarrett to an ape.

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"Roseanne's Twitter statement is abhorrent, repugnant and inconsistent with our values, and we have chose to cancel her show", ABC Entertainment's president, Channing Dungey, said in a statement. "I've been up there 12 times already" - he actually has had 11 Emmy nominations, including seven from 1989 to 1995 for the original run of "Roseanne" - "and if I don't get one I'm not gonna get one". He also recounted an exchange between Trump and himself that questions if the president was a fan of Barr's as he claims or just relishing in the praise she and her show gave him. Or every black parent I know who has a boy who has to sit down and have a conversation, "the talk" as we call it.

The photographers in the video seem much more excited about his statement that John does, with one of them even throwing their fist in the air in celebration.

Barr sounds like she would support such a development.

"It had to happen", Arnold said to The Hollywood Reporter on Wednesday.

"It's not that I disrespect you guys, I just, I would rather say nothing than to cause more trouble", Goodman said, adding he doesn't dabble in the social media platform. I begged them not to cancel the show.

"These [are] the four steps in repentence: admitting you were wrong, making restitution, asking forgiveness from those u have hurt & at last, cracking open your heart in deep sorrow and remorse, where tears flow", she continued.