Trump says U.S. must pursue peace with North Korea ‘at all costs’

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The high-stakes meeting is apparently now serving as inspiration for Trump, who told Fox News' Steve Doocy outside the White House Friday morning that he desires the same brand of dictatorial effect Kim has on repressed North Korean citizens.

U.S. President Donald Trump said on Friday he had given Kim Jong Un a direct phone number and suggested he might call the North Korean leader on Sunday, following their summit in Singapore this week.

"That's a very important thing", Trump said.

When asked if Kim could soon expect an invitation to the White House to meet again with the president, Trump said it's possible because Kim is a strong leader. "And I mean, he is the strong head", Trump remarked.

After his interview with the friendly Fox host, Trump was pressed by reporters about Kim's record of human rights atrocities and why he had not more forcefully challenged the North Korean dictator. I want to have a good relationship with North Korea'.

"During our conversation, I emphasized the tremendous new prosperity, security, and opportunity that awaits North Korea when they denuclearise. We have communication. It's a very good thing".

Trump ultimately stuck with the original schedule and emerged from the meeting saying he and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un signed an agreement that stated Kim would be committed to "complete denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula".

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Trump's comments come at the end of a week where he has repeatedly praised and expressed admiration for Kim, who he met with in Singapore last weekend. "I gave him credibility".

"We know that there's a great deal of work ahead, but peace is always worth that effort".

"You don't understand sarcasm", he told the reporter dismissively, with a wave of his hand.

"We get along very well", he said.

"When I came in, people thought we were probably going to war with North Korea", he said. "I think I'm being respectful to the general". "He saluted me and I saluted him back".

Trump's press strategy comes after a bare-bones messaging plan around the summit, when White House officials seemed unable to answer questions about the broadly worded joint statement. Don't let anyone think anything different.

The two signed a vague agreement in which Trump reportedly agreed to stop America's joint military exercises with South Korea, but did not appear to get concrete concessions from Kim. "If you can do that at 27 years old, I mean, that's 1 in 10,000 that could do that". "I want my people to do the same", he said.