Cubs Get Involved After Adult Fan Takes Baseball Intended for a Child

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Sports Chicago host David Kaplan says the adult Cubs fan who appeared to take a foul ball meant for a little kid, isn't such a bad guy after all.

Fired up fans took aim at the man on social media for his despicable, selfish act. The Cubs later delivered two baseballs to him, one of which was signed by All-Star second baseman Javy Baez.

Deadspinwas the first to report the news nationwide.

The people associated with the Cubs are asking that fans to "let it go" and have piled up loads of outrageous excuses on why that man's behavior should be deemed acceptable. He was a great guy. However, the kid did not catch the ball, and it rolled under his seat to the row behind him.

Although it is nice that the man was so eager to provide his lady friend with a thoughtful gift, he should have picked a better souvenir to give her than one that he essentially stole from a little boy.

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Meanwhile, Jeff, a fan wearing a red shirt in the video, said, "I was sitting next to the boy and the same fan helped him snag a ball a few innings before this".

Chicago Cubs officials confirmed the man had been generous during the match.

"The whole world is calling this guy the most evil guy in the world for being a ball thief", said Chuck Mycoff. A man just behind the kid snatched it up, and the kid was left without a ball.

"Unfortunately, a video that was quickly posted and unverified has made a national villain out of an innocent man who was attending his first Cubs game to celebrate his wedding anniversary".