Here's the Breakdown of FORTNITE's Anniversary Event and Updates

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ORIGINAL: Epic Games have been busy this week celebrating the start of Fortnite's significant successes on PS4, Xbox One, PC, Mac, Nintendo Switch and Mobile. Players who want the birthday set will have to play 14 matches, deal 1,000 damage to opponents, and dance by 10 birthday cakes.

v5.10 drops tomorrow on Fortnite's first birthday, which is bringing a bevy of festivities to the game. Although the game is now up and running for many players, unfortunately many are reporting that although they can log in to Fortnite and play normally, the birthday challenges aren't working for them. Epic games seems to have solved this issue this time as well and ensure that there is scope for enough action to go around.

Update: Epic has said you're going to have to wait until the store refreshes until the Challenges unlock for some players.

Complete the Fortnite Birthday questline in Save the World and earn the Birthday Brigade Ramirez Hero.

The latest update includes the addition of a series of challenges which, if completed, allow players to unlock new cosmetic items in game.

The Fortnite Playground Mode release date is almost upon us.

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On top of all that, Playground Mode will be making it's victorious return on July 25th after enchanting players with it's no rules rules.

Sing it with us: Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Fortnite, happy birthday do you!

The freshly released 5.1 patch introduces Fortnite's birthday event which runs until August 7th.

More on Fortnite as we get it.

You'll also be able to eat cake in-game for +5 health and +5 shield boosts, because why not? It also introduces a new legendary weapon, the Compact SMG, to Battle Royal mode.

"Battle Royale" Season 5 promises a lot of excitement for fans, and the new challenges that come with the new season are a huge part of the fun. Cake slices spread through levels grant event tickets in Save The World and small, instant rejuvenation in Battle Royale, while limited time Birthday Llamas await due smacking.