Kirsten Gillibrand, Bill DeBlasio Call To Abolish ICE

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His "zero tolerance policy" led officials to take more than 2,000 children from their parents as they tried to enter the country illegally, majority fleeing violence, persecution or economic collapse in their home countries. "It's insulting that a member of Congress would say "abolish ICE" when we're enforcing the laws that Congress enacted".

Schwab also defended ICE agents during an interview on "The Van Jones Show", which airs at 7 p.m., ET, on Sunday, saying, "These are parents themselves".

This week, activists picked up even more momentum. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) endorsed abolishing ICE, and Sen.

The call is becoming a litmus test for Democratic candidates.

The analysis found that during the first full 14 months of the Trump administration, 69 percent of undocumented immigrants arrested by ICE agents had a criminal record.

"We are always going to need immigration enforcement", Klobuchar said, Fox News reported.

As the Texas Observer reported, the Department of Homeland Security "shifted HSI funds to other parts of ICE to cover the costs of civil immigration enforcement, including $34.5 million in 2016".

When asked how she would replace ICE, she responded bluntly, "Nothing". It has no accountability.

"I think most Americans believe that we need laws and that there should be a process for getting here legally", Diaz said. "I can understand where all this frustration stems from, but frankly it should be an "abolish Trump" movement, not an "abolish ICE" movement".

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"To the great and fearless men and women of ICE, do not worry or lose your spirit", Trump wrote in one tweet.

"You know ICE, these are the guys that go in and take MS-13, and they take them out", Trump added.

Two of Trump's tweets were about ICE. The lawyer sustained a broken foot and several cuts.

This aide said the party should focus on "the cruelty of the actions around family separations and some of the ridiculous tactics used by ICE to bully state and local governments" to comply with federal immigration detainers. "You get rid of ICE, you're going to have a country that you're going to be afraid to walk out of your house".

Homan - whose last day at ICE's Washington, D.C., headquarters was Friday, but technically retired on Saturday after working remotely - blamed such attacks on ignorance of what ICE actually does.

Hartford police arrested people protesting President Trump's immigration policies outside the federal office building on Main Street Monday Morning.

He also tweeted that the "brave men and women of ICE. are doing a fantastic job of keeping us safe by eradicating the worst criminal elements".

Huntsman said "don't blame ICE, blame the lawmakers" for policies like child separation which can affect those seeking asylum rather than those bringing drugs or gangs.