Man who harassed woman over Puerto Rico shirt charged with hate crime

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Trybus was later arrested and charged with assault and disorderly conduct.

The video showed 62-year-old Timothy G. Trybus repeatedly approaching very near to a young woman, Mia Irizarry, who was setting up decorations for a birthday party in a pavilion she had rented from the park. We won't know the genesis of Trybus' assault on this woman - or his apparent lack of knowledge that people from Puerto Rico are American citizens - until he speaks publicly or it comes out at trial.

"You should not be wearing that in the United States of America", Trybus said in a video that Irizarry posted on Facebook.

Mia Irizarry posted a Facebook video of the alleged incident, appearing to show a man, later identified by the department as Timothy Tybus, approaching her and criticizing her T-shirt, which is designed with the Puerto Rican flag.

In the part of the video that went viral, Officer Connor's voice is never heard and he apparently does nothing. The officer, identified by authorities as Patrick Connor, resigned Wednesday night. But Conner resigned before investigators could ask him what happened during a disciplinary hearing, Pope said at a news conference Thursday. I've seen the video and I'm outraged that this would happen anywhere, let alone and especially sad that it happened in our forest preserve system. "Are you a United States citizen?" he screamed, referring to the shirt as "un-American".

Irizzary then tries to plead with policeman again, saying: 'Officer, I paid for a permit for this area, I do not feel comfortable here, is there anything you can do?'

The Forest Preserves confirmed they launched an investigation into the response of the officer, with Connor assigned to desk duty pending the outcome.

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More officers then arrive at the scene and a female cop sits Trybus down and threatens to charge him.

The officer can then be seen talking to the man who gesticulates back and tells him to "shut the f*** up".

On Twitter, he said: "We can not allow those who do not understand America's greatness to terrorize people due to their background". After the video went viral, the officer no longer has a job. She explains Irizarry has a permit, and she warns him he could be arrested "for not being compliant".

One of the other responding officers tells Trybus that he can't be harassing people, adding that people have just as much right to be in the park as he does.

For several minutes the man berates Irizarry and at one point stands a few inches from her. She said the group politely complied but her Puerto Rico shirt appeared to act as a trigger to the man.

22 years after that incident, we are still seeing the same kind of bigotry, the same kind of misunderstanding about Latinos and who Puerto Ricans are, and the same fear that we are outsiders who don't belong here. Puerto Rican residents have been American citizens since 1917 and have the right to vote in U.S. presidential primaries but not in presidential elections.