Miss Helen, shark stolen in a pram, recovering in United States aquarium

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According to investigators, two men and a woman removed the shark Saturday afternoon from an open tank where visitors can pet the sea life.

Police located the truck involved in the shark heist early Monday morning and Salvaggio said when news outlets broadcast the information and surveillance footage, viewers began calling police and pointed to a home near where the truck was found.

By Monday night, two people had confessed to taking the shark from the aquarium, Leon Valley Police Chief Joseph Salvaggio told reporters. He then calmly walks away from the tank while cradling the shark, followed by another man who appears to be holding a blanket.

A 45-centimetre shark has been smuggled out of an aquarium in the United States in a baby stroller.

At least two of the three suspects likely will be charged with theft, police said.

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Salvaggio added: "But it turns out someone actually went inside the aquarium there in Leon Valley and stole a horn shark".

Salvaggio said the arrest came after a day of investigating.

According to a statement posted to Facebook, the aquarium said the thieves took the shark into one of their filter rooms.

Three men are facing felony theft charges in Texas after they allegedly pulled what can only be described as the oldest trick in the book: stealing a shark from an aquarium and smuggling it out of the building in a baby stroller. "We are looking to the public to help us solve this case as quickly as possible so that we can hopefully recover the shark alive and get it to professionals for proper care of an animal of this type". One of the men insisted his son was sick and that he needed to leave immediately. It shared surveillance video of the crime unfolding. But what turned out to be a forged receipt did not persuade the inspector, who took the man into custody.