Thanos-Worshiping Subreddit Has Started Banning Half Its Userbase

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Jim Starlin, the creator of Thanos, the supervillain in Avengers: Infinity War had spoken to Collider at the Las Vegas Comic Con about the possibility of an additional 30 minutes worth of additional footage to be reinstated in the home video edition of the film. If that number keeps climbing, which suggests that it will, this could be one of the biggest (if not the biggest) bans in Reddit history.

The subreddit, which now has 498 THOUSAND subscribers and increasing on a daily basis, is planning to ban half its population in honour of the Mad Titan, Thanos.

The online community began banning half of its members at 5:00 PM PDT sharp on Monday, in a purge that was actually planned weeks in advance - a purge that was, indeed, instigated by its own members, who cheered the culling as honoring their hero, Thanos.

The Thanos Did Nothing Wrong subreddit, a collection of redditors who post memes devoted to the Infinity War villain, grew so quickly that the moderators and members felt it was time to balance out the universe by banning half of its subscribers.

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With The Avengers 4 only a mere ten months away, a promotion (of sorts) has kicked off on Reddit that includes directors Joe and Anthony Russo and even Thanos himself, Josh Brolin. And The-Jedi-Apprentice warned users that it would take a lot of work from the Reddit side, as nobody had ever asked for a tool to ban so many people all at once, and at random.

Even the Russo Brothers themselves joined the subreddit just to see what'll happen tomorrow when The Snap happens. In the very short video clip, Brolin announces "here we go Reddit users", and promptly snaps his fingers before the video cuts off. "This is taking forever!" said another.

Luckily, the ban finally happened, and all was right in the universe.