Vettel was headed by personal credit, Ferrari in the constructors ‘ championship

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Apart from that it's fantastic but jeez, they need to hire someone better, because I don't know how you could make such a bad job in layering the track.

Lewis Hamilton says it's impossible to say how the F1 season will pan out; especially in a season where both Mercedes and Ferrari have at times appeared dominant while other times have been way off the pace. Max Verstappen (Red Bull) - 93 6. Not many drivers can do that.

"The spirit within the team is stronger than it's ever been", Hamilton said. I don't see the necessity to decide every time. Had he started from third on the grid, where he originally qualified, he would have been in an ideal position to capitalise on the retirement of the two Mercedes drivers and finish ahead of eventual race victor Max Verstappen.

Second in the standings by just a point, the championship lead has bounced between Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel repeatedly during the opening nine races of the season. "I think immediately after the race and as soon as they got the auto back that evening there was a fix that was designed and put into test mode so the team are super on it and confident that we've done everything we can to made sure it doesn't happen again".

Asked whether keeping track of DRS through Turn 1 was tricky, Hamilton said: "It's not tricky, no".

"I just have the feeling that this is a hugely significant session" - David Croft. This left Hamilton 7.7 seconds ahead of Verstappen when a Virtual Safety Car was deployed to allow for Bottas' car to be removed. The speeds we're going now, the g-forces we're pulling through Copse, through Maggots and Becketts - you're flat-out, going all the way into Maggots.

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"I think coming here [to Silverstone] there's been some fixes already", the 33-year-old said.

Organisers at Silverstone opted to resurface the entire track layout early in 2018, ostensibly to aid MotoGP riders, but several drivers highlighted the bumpy nature of the circuit in practice.

"The team was super on it and I'm confident we've done everything we can to make sure it doesn't happen again", said Hamilton. Hamilton insisted that they should have won the race.

"One thing you have to do is win as a team and lose as a team".

"Probably more like somewhere in-between, but I don't want to get into predictions". We have had far more success than failures. "I'm very, very sorry guys. Luckily I could manage it until the end of the race", Verstappen said.

"It would be great to take the lead back from Seb here, but I am really grateful to be in a position to fight for a win at Silverstone for a sixth time".