Google Play Store Now Tells You It Doesn't Have Fortnite

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With the Android launch finally upon us, we project that, based on Sensor Tower Store Intelligence data, Google stands to miss out on at least $50 million in platform fees during the remainder of 2018 due to this unprecedented decision. They also display the message that "Fortnite Battle Royal by Epic Games, Inc is not available on Google Play", this not only includes a silly typo but its the first time Google has went out to inform users that an app is not available on Google Play.

When Epic Games launched Fortnite on Android earlier this week, it did so in an unprecedented manner.

For those unfamiliar with Digital Wellbeing, this is a feature that allows users to keep tabs on how they are using their phones with graphs and statistics aimed at helping them have a better understanding of whether they are using their devices, or specific apps, too often. There's only one title (Battle Breakers), and it's not available yet. We can only assume that when the game leaves beta, it will be available to any Android device that can handle it. The game will appear in the Samsung Game Launcher and in the Galaxy Apps store.

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Starting with the phone itself, the images once again show a device with a sizeable chin and a thick display notch. Apart from Samsung and Apple, Google will be unveiling its new Pixel 3 flagship smartphones very soon.

Google's cut is 30% of all user purchases made on the Play Store, same as Apple's for the App Store.

Because there are no Android servers yet, this is the only way for Android players to get into a live game now. Check out our guide below to see how to install Fortnite for Android.

Even more concerning than the malware threat with just Fortnite for Android, however, is what this could mean for other app developers going forward.