Samsung Mocked iPhone in Its New "Ingenius" Ads

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DJ Koh also reportedly addressed the current hot topic of foldable phones, but merely confirmed what we all already know: Samsung will launch a foldable phone at some point in the future. Moreover, the price mark for the Samsung Galaxy S10 hasn't been released yet but it's expected to be around £799 ($1,048) and £899 ($1,179) for the standard and Plus models, respectively.

The new phones will come out August 24. Among them was the fact that the S10 will not be the company's first phone with 5G.

Where the camera is concerned, new details have surfaced that change a few things we thought we knew about Samsung's updated rear camera setup.

Everyone doesn't necessarily desire (or the means) to get a powerful flagship as the OnePlus 6 or the Xiaomi Mi 8 - even if the latter is now enjoying a nice reduction in a dealer-thirds of the FNAC.

"Samsung's clever bezel-free design also means that, despite its giant 6.3-inch screen, the overall dimensions aren't that much larger than the iPhone 7 Plus". In recent years, it has moved closer to the Galaxy S lineup, and the line between the two has really been blurred, especially since the Galaxy S9 Plus is nearly the same size as the Galaxy Note 9. But that won't be the Galaxy S10. IT managers can also tailor the employee interface to align with business needs. Many believe, the Galaxy S9 and S9+ are the worst-selling Galaxy S devices since the Galaxy S3 that was released in 2013. It offers users a great way to express their creativity and communicate.

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Samsung has finally revealed the next Galaxy Note series phone to the world and with it the most monumental evolution of the phablet's iconic S Pen we've seen to date. It's never been easier to be more productive. Even the busiest professionals still take time to sit back with a game or movie.

Samsung also previewed a new voice-assisted speaker, the Galaxy Home, using its homegrown digital assistant, Bixby. With Dolby Atmos®, the Galaxy Tab S4 supports crisper dialogue, enveloping sound fields, maximized loudness without distortion, and consistent playback volume.

The Galaxy Note 9 is also not running on Android 9 Pie. Samsung Flow allows users to manage all of their devices easily by connecting and transferring files, tasks and notifications seamlessly. The partnership makes Spotify easily accessible to seamlessly sync and transfer music, playlists and podcasts across Galaxy Note9, Galaxy Watch and Smart TV products.

For more information on the Galaxy Tab Merdeka Promo Campaign, you can check out their website here.