Former Sen. Jon Kyl to Be Named as McCain's Replacement

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Daniel Ruiz II, a spokesman for Gov. Doug Ducey, disclosed the timing hours after Ducey appointed Kyl to fill the seat left vacant by the death of John McCain.

"There is no one in Arizona more prepared to represent our state in the U.S. Senate than Jon Kyl", Ducey said in a statement to the Arizona Republic. Kyl has most recently been acting as Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh's "sherpa" on Capitol Hill, helping guide him through the nomination process.

Representative Steny Hoyer, the No. 2 Democrat in the House of Representatives, said given that the Arizona governor was "not going to appoint somebody who is going to vote with us, it's a pretty good appointment".

"I do know I will not seek this seat in 2020, nor any other office in the future", Kyl said.

"Over the last few months, Sen".

Arizona Sen. Jeff Flake is praising the selection of former U.S. Sen Jon Kyl to replace the late John McCain in the Senate. As such, he'll be able to vote on Kavanaugh's nomination.

But citing Kyl's experience, bipartisanship and 26 years in Congress, Ducey dismissed the suggestion that he only picked Kyl because he is pro-Kavanaugh.

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Now with Mr. Kyl, they return to a 51-49 margin, and if a Republican defects on an issue, Vice President Mike Pence can break the tie for the GOP.

Jon Kyl has been named John McCain's successor in the U.S. Senate. "No", he said. "And I don't wish I was still there". "He is a man without comparable peer", Ducey said. Kyl tentatively said he would, but added that he needed to check with his wife, Caryll.

Kyl's entire career in Washington overlapped with McCain's, and he served with the state's senior senator for three terms before stepping down. Jon Kyl to succeed Sen.

"It's not the time for newcomers, and now is not the time for on-the-job training", Ducey said. Cindy McCain quickly offered her support, calling Kyl "a dear friend of mine and John's". If he is unwilling to serve until the next general election in 2020, the governor would have to appoint another interim senator.

Ducey also says he hopes Kyl will serve longer than his commitment to fill the seat until January 2019.

"Jon Kyl will be an extraordinary Senator representing an extraordinary state, Arizona", Trump said in a tweet congratulating Kyl. But he reminded reporters that he stepped down from the Senate because he wanted to spend more time with his family and more time in Arizona, all things that could keep him from serving until 2020. He wouldn't speculate if he would replace Kyl should he depart after this year.